Tivoli—purveyor of modern radios with classic good looks—is entering the wireless age, equipping their long-admired Model One with Bluetooth technology. The result is a stereo that looks its sixties-era ancestors and sounds like whatever you’re playing on your iPod from the other side of the house.

The original Model One, with the same body design as the Model One BT.

At less than nine inches wide, the Model One BT ($260) makes for an unobtrusive addition to any room, but packs a big clean sound from its single three-inch speaker that’ll outplay most other units of its size. A rear audio port and the addition of Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect a laptop or MP3 player. Of course, where it really stands out is in its looks. Boasting a smooth wood exterior and retro-inspired front-face dials, the Model One BT is several steps up the design ladder from the plastic iPod docks that occupy most homes these days.

Ready for a stereo that looks as good as it sounds? Check it out at Tivoli.