This is MY website. It is a reflection of me. My mind rambles and so does my site. There are times when I am brilliant and other times I prove to be a complete idiot. If my site looks like it is done by someone who has no clue about HTML, great, because I don’t. If it looks like a jumbled mess then get rid of frickin‘ Internet Explorer and get Firefox.

There are boobies. Why? Because at my age you respect a nice set of breasts. I don’t have porn but perhaps the ladies on my site could use an extra piece of clothing here and there. As Candice likes to point out I need a proofreader. I do this by myself and I have plenty of other things to do and I misspell and switch up the “of” and “off” and the “their” and “they’re” all the time. So sue me. I do this site so we can have some fun. Perhaps point out some funny things on the net. Perhaps show you some things that save you time or make you money. If you like the site, let me know. Everyone needs a compliment now and then. We all get tired of the constant bashing and pointing out of errors all over the Internet.

I’m here to laugh and make you laugh. No more, no less. Why am I writing this? Because I had “a professional” look at my site to help me fix it and professionally lay it out. He said no. He thought the reason it was a great site is because it was “real” . Real ugly but real. It looked like someone who was having a good time and didn’t think it would be good to change that feel. Whether he’s right or wrong, it’s now my thing and I’m sticking with it.