10. Don Imus called him a “mohawk headed ho” so the sympathy vote will explode.

9. Because he looks a little Mexican, a little Indian, and a little black he has all the votes from these races who think they are one of their own.

8. Most of the voters think he is a hot chick.

7. Everyone loves to say “Sanjaya” in a long sexy whisper voice.

6. He is the real life “The Mango” and you don’t mess with “The Sanjaya”

5. Everyone is going to keep voting just to hear new catchphrases like “Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya”

4. The vote tally has been outsourced to India and they only take Sanjaya votes.

3. When you only go by one name you are either a Brazilian soccer star or an American Idol Winner and he doesn’t look like much of an athlete.

2. C’Mon Do Really think he could sell less albums than Taylor Hicks?

1. Well timed Sanjaya sex tape.