10. The finger is back on the menu. Now in 3 finger and “The Handful” sizes.

9. The kids at the drive through are going to actually start making eye contact when giving back change to every fourth customer.

8. Hoping to catch some of the Chipotle crowd they are introducing a new menue item called “The Mexican Burger” . It is a bacon double cheeseburger made by “a Mexican”

7. They have done away with prices and now are just going to have an “ebay like” auction for their food at 12:00 and 5:00

6. Since they couldn’t afford to sign sign any deals with Disney, each kids club meal gets either an Arena Football League patch in the boys meal and a “How to do the Heimlich” in the girls meal.

5. Now on the 99 cent menu: Hotpockets

4. They are going to start setting the automatic change giver back thingee to short you a nickel each time because they know we never count the change that thing gives back.

3. A few of their stores are showing up at overstock.com

2. When they announced their latest store closing they said they are closing all stores in cities that start with the letter “C”

1. Old spokesman: Dave Thomas New spokesman: CarrotTop