recently published what they consider to be the top 100 jobs in American based on statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.  Their criteria were pretty logical and straightforward, so it’s regrettable to see “blogger” didn’t make the top 100.  Wtf, guys. That’s a dream job

In fact, the only writing job on the entire list is “technical writer,” which is the detail-oriented job done through thick, lonely glasses performed by the people like the main character in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” mixed with Milton from “Office Space.”  

Anyway, they based they limited their picks to jobs that are projected to grow at least 10% in the next decade and that require a bachelor’s degree to perform.  Also, if there was less than 10,000 positions available nationwide (movie star) or if experienced workers got paid less than $65,00 annually (your mom), those jobs were screened.  Additionally, they screened the top 100 for jobs that faired poorly during the recession.  

At the top 50 mark they began interviewing people in the field about job flexibility, duration, satisfaction, etc. and married that data to existing numbers from the Bureau of Labour and Statistics regarding long-term growth, projected openings, and quality-of-life factors.  The resultant list is about what you’d expect.  There was an preponderance of both technology and medical-related jobs along with a great deal of old-school business staples like “Senior Financial Analyst.”

You can see them broken down by pay(#1 Anesthesiologist), growth (#1 Telecommunications Network Engineer), quality of life (#1 Education/Training Consultant), or into their particular fields, but the best way to see them is through this infographic (click it for full-size) created by