If Summer implies a serious influx of fun and fun implies a serious need for documentation, then there’s no better way to prepare for the sunny months than with a search for the camera best capable of capturing your countless upcoming dalliances. Don’t let those precious memories get buried under margaritas and sand. Come next Winter, you’ll need photographic proof that there’s a reason to survive the colder seasons.

#1 Canon EOS 7D

A monster of a mechanical creation, the Canon EOS 7D has truly got it all. This camera is used among the highest ranks of those ready to do some serious shooting sessions. Whereas a lot of modern cameras deal with the problem of having too many pixels (which results in too many small pixels and thus, photographic ‘noise’ i.e. excessive crowding of color), this Canon avoids this problem entirely. Due to a sensor developed by Canon, this camera has a built-in noise-reducer that adjusts the ratios automatically.

Notable Features:

• 18.0-Megapixel resolution
• Dual DIGIG 4 Image Processors
• 1920 x 1080 Full HD video recording
• 19-point Autofocus system

Translation: You’ll hardly believe your eyes. And you’ll definitely need a little practice before making perfect, considering the many wonders this product is equipt for.

#2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Newest king on the block is the successor to the infamous Canon EOS 5D. This puppy is the first full frame digital camera, weighs in at two pounds and undeniably pro-status.

Notable Features:

• Enormous 21.1-Megapixel resolution
• 1920 x 1080 Full HD video recording
• DIGIC 4 Image Processor
• Full-Frame CMOS sensor

Translation: The digital brain of this camera processes an incredible amount of light information, resulting in incredible speed, resolution and detail.

#3 Nikon D300S

Best semi-pro dSLR camera, this Nikon is ideal for the dude who is certainly passed the point-and-shoot models, but not quite in need of the aforementioned monoliths. That being said, it can take on tasks fit for professional camera users easily.

Notable Features:

• 12.3-megapixel resolution
• Exceptional 51-point Autofocus
• 3.0-inch LCD Monitor
• HD video recording

Translation: Sleek ergonomics, exceptional photo quality and, most importantly, very comprehensible control paneling fit for any seemingly unskilled photography lovers.

#4 Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Compacted, easy to use and capable of everything from point-and-shoot to shooting HD film, this camera is the perfect choice for someone ready to take a solid step in the direction of becoming a serious amateur. It is built to fit phenomenal lenses as well as entry-level lenses, which allows for convenient swapping as well as progressive steps forward for ambitious users.

Notable Features:

• 18 megapixel
• CMOS sensor
• Dual-layer 63 zone metering system
• 3.0-inch LCD monitor

Translation: Best bet for those who want great quality as well as easy, compacted mobility. You can complicate this crazy contraption or leave it completely simple and standard. Best part being, it travels exceptionally well.

#5 Nikon D500

Who doesn’t feel like James Bond while using a flip-down swivel LCD screen on a fancy new camera? Shame on them. Beyond the stylish aspects, this Nikon was a long-awaited replacement for the Nikon D80, boasting improvements that actually blow its predecessor out of the pool, considering the D500 is better priced and more accessible to those of us with realistic budgets and camera-savvy brains.

Notable Features:

• Polycarbonate over stainless steel
• Interactive display
•11-point AF system
• Auto Active D-lighting and face priority AF

Translation: For those interested in finding a camera that can become a close companion, whose buttons will become regularly and routinely pushed and whose programming potentials will be put to good use. Complete with all the cornerstones of contemporary cameras, this Nikon in particular is recommended for someone willing to spend some time getting acquainted with screen features and special functions.