Taken from Topfive.com

The Top 5 Signs Your Political Campaign Is in Big Trouble

  1. A “60 Minutes” film crew is at your door with your wife, two mistresses, a call girl from Vegas, Jeff Gannon and Enrique, the pool boy.
  2. FedEx just handed you an envelope from Karl Rove marked, “Do not bend. Contains photographic material.”
  3. A video surfaces proving that not only did you inhale, you did so from a penis-shaped bong at a Log Cabin Republicans meeting.
  4. In your nervous state, you mistook your son’s Ritalin for your Tourette’s Syndrome meds.

    and the Number 1 Sign Your Political Campaign Is in Big Trouble…

  5. You’re an honest politician, a decorated war veteran, you’ve done a great job in government and you always do what’s best for your country — and worst of all, you have no money.