Why get your Halloween costume online? It’s cheaper, you can’t beat the selection and, really, you can only throw together a last-minute Risky Business get-up so many times before it gets old. So use the web, buy your costume early and don’t worry about it arriving in time. Here are the best places to look.

HalloweenandCostumes.com features costumes for adults of the sexy and non-sexy varieties. The site helpfully presents a number of highly specific categories, including “Alice in Wonderland,” “Gangsters and Pimps” and “Steampunk Costumes.” Poke around and find the perfect superhero costume for the office Christmas party, something a little edgier for Halloween night on the town and something extra saucy for your lady to wear in the boudoir year round.

Pure Costumes
To showcase the newest looks, Pure Costumes conveniently allowing you to browse the 2011 line as a separate category. The site further features a category of couples costumes, so you and your sweetheart can match. Larger men will appreciate the plus-sized section, allowing them to directly navigate to costumes that will actually fit. They even have costumes for pets, but don’t you dare.

Spirit Halloween
Don’t settle for cheap imitations this Halloween. Get yourself a theatrical-quality costume from Spirit, the perfect place to get a truly outstanding Pirates of the Caribbean, Thriller­-era Michael Jackson or Dream a Little Dream-era Corey Feldman costume. You might encounter someone else dressed in classic gold-lamé Elvis gear, but if you buy from Spirit you can rest assured that yours will be better—and the ladies will notice.

Halloween Express 
Whether you just want a mask or something a little more elaborate, Halloween Express has you covered. Check out the “New for 2011” category to get the latest costume, preventing anyone from telling you your costume is “so last year.” The site even features a section where you can get personalized decorations for making your home over into a haunted house. And the man on a budget can dig through the sales section for bargain disguises.

Costume Hub 
Costume Hub keeps a running list of what’s hot this year, allowing you to jump on the bandwagon or avoid it like the plague. While costumes are not divided by category quite so relentlessly as on other sites, Costume Hub does feature a menu allowing you to browse by your favorite licensed brands, as well as by historical era. The perfect place for a guy looking to dress up like Herman Munster or a Civil War General, Costume Hub also features embellishments like makeup and wigs.