1. When a girl asks you for your number you give her your IP address

2. You have a photo studio set up to take “action photos” of your cats

3. During your first date you keep checking to see how many hits your blog received after that great article on Ubutu

4. You can’t make dates on Tuesday nights because that is the night the waiver wire opens up in your fantasy football league.

5. You actually think Facebook is great for business networking

6. You haven’t updated your porn collection from the 80’s and think that women still like manbush

7. You ask a girl “What’s your favorite font? ” on the first date

8. You constantly spit out the phrase “You know what I like about High School Girls?”

9. The last time you got wood is when you almost unlocked your iPhone

10. Still think that the goatee is going to take the eyes of the balding head