I am pretty internet savy but most of the junk they talk about on Digg I have no clue what they are and have to to try and find out. Here’s my take on these things.

1. Avatar: Is anything like a Sherpa? Originally I thought it was a Japanese Anime character. Now I think it has something to do with flying.

2. Ajax and it has a tutorial? Last time I checked you just put it on your dishes and you had a grease free plate, pretty simple. Must have completely reinvented the brand to make Digg kinda like Hushpuppies

3. DRM I know this is an an acronym for something but have no idea what. I think I know what it means and I use it all the time. It stands for Don’t Read Manual. It gets me into trouble all the time

4. Web 2.0 Do I need to download the new release somewhere because I think I am still on Web 1.7

5. Pirate Bay/Party I wasn’t invited and they don’t have a sports team so I don’t care

6. MySQL It’s probably a social network site where computer geeks set up pages and meet. Like MySpace for nerds.

7. Splash Page I feel like I need one but not sure if I have one already. I would like my pages “Splashier”

8. Congressional Electronic Masturbation I don’t EVEN want to know

9. Zune I have some knowledge of this one but yet to see or even hear the slightest mention of a “Zune” from anyone outside of Digg or a Microsoft site.

10. Diggnation Just kidding on this one. It means lemming.