This is at least twice as good as the iPad – that’s just math. The Toshiba Libretty W100 Dual-Screen Laptop is the product of the bigger-better-Texas-style school of product development that brought us the BurgerMelt. It’s as if somebody thought, “Wait. What if we glued to iPads together?!”

Well, if you did, they’d probably cost a hell of a lot more than this will (price TBA), and they wouldn’t run Windows 7, and you’d probably get almost as many negative fanboy reactions as the Will It Blend guy did when he got his hands on an iPad.

The Libretto features two, 7-inch multitouch screens fastened together to make a 1.5 pound laptop-pad hybrid. Known features of the machine coming in August include multi-mode virtual keyboard, a built-in webcam, Bluetooth v2.1, and it’s going to run Windows 7. Keep an eye on the Toshiba site for details.