Trade something I need…..for something I have?

Only on the internets could such a fantastic new concept come to fruition.

Web Startup, Trade a Favor is using social media to create a huge bartering system that allows girls, I mean people, trade their services/goodies for things they need, ie.  food, clothing, and purses.  The slogan of this bright new company is a saying I’ve always lived by when it came to dating women, Life>$, as I became older it has switched to $>Looks. More details and video after the jump:

Bartering is making a big comeback as a difficult economy forces many people to look for new ways to make ends meet. At Trade A Favor, those people can find even costly professional services up for trade, while offering unusual and undervalued skills in return. With its tagline, “Life is More than Cash”, Trade A Favor is out to create some meaningful exchanges and help people save a little money along the way.

Favors on offer at Trade A Favor run the gamut; they include everything from neighborly favors like math tutoring and meal preparation, to skilled professional services like photo restoration and business consulting. One recent favor offers paranormal investigation services, while another offers shelter to victims of Hurricane Gustav.

So let me get this straight. You give me a blowjob if I can get rid of the ghost at your Aunt Betty’s house?  I get a massage with a happy ending if I can take the red eye out of some photos you took at your Bachlorette party?

All you investors out there hurry up and get aboard,  as this is perhaps the greatest Facebook application ever written and should move quickly though Round 1 and 2 Venture Capital Funding.  If it doesn’t catch on, you could always trade your shares for a wobble jobble.

Homepage: Trade A Favor