I can already do that but soon you are going to be able to trade anywhere, anytime. Google’s recent announcement of installing WI-FI in San Fran has made me think about people trading in places never seen before, parking lots and gas stations. Why am I writing about this? One of the reason most trading floors are getting smaller and smaller is the electronic exchanges. These exchanges are running at most of the day but each year you are able to trade just a little longer. Soon the market will be all electronic and running 24 hours a day. Americans’ fascination with gambling is increasing. It started with lottery, moved to casinos, and will finish with the stock market. They will never compete with the big boys on the floor or the hedge funds but they will be there trying. The big money to be made is where these people will be trading and what will they buy or use to trade with. Obviously Google will benefit as more people will be online and will be looking for info. If they are the providers of the WI-FI then they could benefit even more. That symbol you see could be at the top of every computer in the world. Second I like Optionsxpress. They are the best around and they specialize in options, the fastest growing segment. Futures are growing as well and I assume they’ll be in that soon. To make the big money you have to see the future. I can see something but the future is hard to see out of the little windows in the basement.