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True dat…

Virtually every successful trader I know ultimately ended up with a trading style suited to his personality.

Randy McKay

Don’t do anything until you know what you are doing.

Jimmy Rogers

As investors, we deceive ourselves a thousand different ways, both small and large. We attribute gains to acumen when they are the product of luck, and attribute losses to ill fortune when they are often the product of stupidity or inattention.

Leon Levy

To avoid whipsaw losses, stop trading.

Ed Seykota

Too many people are apt to redeem their profits too quickly. In a huge bull market they wind up with piddling profits, only to watch their former holdings soar. That usually prompts them into making mistakes later when, believing that the market owes them some money, they buy at the wrong time at much higher levels.

Martin Zweig

In my early days, I didn’t have the staying power – psychologically, emotionally, and, most importantly, financially.

Jimmy Rogers

Investors may be quite willing to take the risk of being wrong in the company of others, while being much more reluctant to take the risk of being right alone.

John Maynard Keynes