The Trailblazers party in NYC was quite a fete and certainly the place to be as evidenced by none other than the ridiculously entertaining Danielle Staub choosing it as the location for her very own (age omitted) birthday party! Excellent. She even touched our Managing Editor, B.J., which made him feel warm and a little like a celebrity.

Other guests included the incredibly fiery Tony Shellman, the reserved and stylish Brent Zachery and the tatted, spinning member of the Madden clan, Josh. Speaking of Josh, he had this to say about Made Man (pf, no big deal).

“Yeah, I was looking through the site and it’s really good. A lot of funny articles. And it actually directed me to a lot of other great content, ya know? Other funny sites. I looked down and your site actually ended up stealing an hour and forty-five minutes from me!”

We heard that, Josh. It was a pleasure to have everybody out and Tanqueray, the city of Las Vegas, and Ford Models did an excellent job helping us get this bash together and pull it off in understated, masculine style.

A lot of that had to do with the choice of venue: Avenue. Not an easy club to book by any means, this NYC spot blew the hell up for the Trailblazers, and we can’t wait to write up next year’s list so we can blow the hell up again. If you want to see more you’ve to two options, young man.  The first is to become a Trailblazer so we invite you next year.  The other is to check out the party gallery.