Bye Bye busy site with 50 million ads and 400 links and pics all over the side We’re shaving ‘er down and making her clean. Over the next few weeks you’ll almost everything disappear except the content. That will continue to improve as we are in the process of hiring new writers. Hell, we may even call my 5th grade English teacher and have her proofread some of my work. I promise to still keep delivering the “your” and “you’re” mistake. I’ll even throw in a few “an” and “a” screw ups just to keep it real.

I’m calling the new system S.H.A.N.E which stands for a hell of a lot better than the BS system that Sykes throws up there. If you want to make money throw your cash into Apple, Google, and Rick’s (everyone loves naked girls). If you want to have a good time stay tuned. PS New slogan coming and blogroll will be back soon.