We recently went over to Scotland to cover the Drambuie Pursuit, an adventure race across the Scottish Highlands.  Josh Duhamel, the badass military guy from "Transformers," was there competing, and we caught him to the side of the dunebuggy race (yeah, there was dunebuggy races) to ask him about what other adventures he’s had, where he likes to travel, and how we can be a worldly adventure racer like him and the other boys there. [Watch Drambuie Pursuit Below]  Here’s what he had to say.  

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Be adventurous

Josh: I didn’t realize we were going to be tested like as hard as we are. I mean, there’s some stuff that’s truly dangerous. Like, that bike ride when you start the downhill portion, I was I thinking, What the hell am I doing here?! You can’t really stop cause your wheels are off the ground half the time. I almost went off a bridge…it was crazy. But I love it. It’s the most exhilarating thing I’ve done. 

Our tip: Try an adventure sport. You could start by applying for the Drambuie Pursuit 2011. Or, if you prefer, you could attend an adventure-based Adult Summer Camp.  And, if you’re looking for an even more rare experience, try paragliding with hawks in Nepal. 

Try something new

Josh: Normally when my wife (Fergie) and I go on vacation we try to do something – we try to do something besides sitting on the beach and sipping margaritas. Usually we’ll take some kind of a class; we took cooking class in Cabo, we took art class another time, we took scuba lessons.  My wife likes to deep sea fish…we do that in Mexico. It’s easy for us cause it’s just a 2-hour flight. 

Our tip: Head out to your own backyard for some local or semi-local adventure.  Make it your personal goal to spend a long weekend this Summer in every state that touches yours if you haven’t already.

Scare yourself

Josh (on traveling for work) Usually when you’re working they don’t let you do too much. I start the next Transformers [soon], and I don’t think they’d let me do this…I’m not kidding, man, when I came down on that downhill on the bike, there’s this little skinny bridge, I couldn’t stop fast enough, and I almost went over the bridge. The whole time I’m like, What the f**k am I doing right now.” But, at the same time, it was probably the most exciting event I’ve done here.

Something I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older: If something scares you, do it. If you’re not going to die, go for it. As long as you survive. Don’t do something stupid. Because once you do it, you’ll always look back on it and say, “I’m so glad I did that.” So, for me, doing things like this, I’ll leave here with a sense of accomplishment. Came out here and competed, had a blast, and did things I’ve never done before.

Our tip: Try this.  

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