The inimitable Travis Pastrana makes headlines because almost every time he competes, one of two things happens. Either he lands a crazy new trick no one had thought of before, or he suffers a gruesome injury attempting said trick. Which is exactly what happened last night during the Moto X Best Trick competition at X Games 17.

This one’s a little different, though, in that he is trying to be a NASCAR driver, too. The broken foot and ankle he incurred on that fall have caused him to cancel his Nationwide Series debut race at Lucas Oil Raceway, which was supposed to happen Saturday.

Only time will tell when he’ll jump and race again, but like motocross champ Ryan Dungey, whom we interviewed in February, Pastrana is tough as nails, and we really won’t be surprised to see him gunning a powerfully motored vehicle soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this classic vid of what was, at the time, an unprecedented trick. Don’t worry, he lands this one.

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