In the old days we used to follow porn to find out what new technology would take hold. Granted I try and do as much research as I can to see what the newest and greatest form of modern day delivery of entertainment is available. As much as enjoy Taylor Rain, I have realized that if you want to see what a web page can look like or how content can be delivered in the newest way, simply go to MySpace. The young kids sure spend a lot of time making their pages as cool as possible. They will seek out anything that makes their page stand out. They want to “pimp out” their page with crazy graphics, music and video players. My wife thinks I’m trolling for young girls when actually I enjoy looking at all the layouts of the different pages. Granted I come across some young ladies that look like they belong in the industry I talked about earlier but I do enjoy some of the pages that are generated there. I just can’t believe what a destination MySpace has become. I wish I were more talented in the ability to create cool web pages. Even if i were I would just be the old pervert with the MySpace page. I was just looking for a different kind of talent.