One disadvantage of your everyday speaker is that you’re basically shooting sound in one direction. Turn the speaker slightly away or step to the side of it, and it can sound like it’s on the other side of a wall.

360 degrees of sound is just one cool feature of the USA Navy designed Dwarf 360 Omni-directional Vibrating Speakers. That’s right. You’d think the Navy would be working on torpedoes and periscopes. Instead they’ve been tweaking speakers to create the ultimate submarine dance-parties. The Dwarf is small and can fit anywhere, from your desk, to a table, to the fireplace mantle. But to utilize the 360 degrees of sound you’ll want to put this right in the center of your place. The speakers can hook to a PC, laptop, DVD player, CD, or MP3 players so you’re covered wherever you do end up putting it. And here’s the vibrating part: whatever the dwarf sits on, it will vibrate and use to amplify sound. Try it on a wood table, a glass table, the floor, your cat! Each will produce a different quality sound. The dwarf includes a USB cable and a mini-USB port. Perhaps best of all, they only cost around $25. Perfect holiday gift? We think so. Check them out here.