Is it time to say goodbye to America’s finest civilian SUV/tank?

The Hummer brand is in serious trouble. And its owners, GM (General Motors), are looking to sell the brand of big gas guzzlers to a foreign company.

The top brass at GM have recently come out and said the sale isn’t a done deal yet, and that they are still analyzing the brand, but some of their other actions contradict that decision.

GM recently opened a ‘small fuel efficient car’ plant in Ohio and is investing much of its time in designing newer models of small cars. This plans seems to correlate well with the consumer’s desire for cars that can combat the problems of high gas prices.

GM has also revealed it is having problems convincing buyers the company is committed to fuel economy and eco-friendly vehicles when they are best known as the makers of those big Hummer trucks. So, as you can see, no one is really buying the possibility that they won’t sell the Hummer brand to someone else soon.

I think most Americans would be significantly less appalled by the Hummer brand taking foreign ownership, compared to the shitstorm that went down when Anheuser-Busch’s beloved Budweiser products said ‘Bonjour!‘ to the waffle-lined streets of Belgium. Although, who would want to buy the Hummer brand now?

I don’t really think a European car company could successfully market a Hummer overseas. It probably wouldn’t even fit on the tiny, curved, and livestock-filled roads of England and France.

Or maybe their best bet is to just take a Smart car, shrink down the Hummer frame, and fit the chassis over it? That would look pretty awesome. The mini-Hummer perhaps?

In the meantime, Hummer owners in the U.S. will continue to plow their vehicles into liquor stores in Georgia at 2 AM. Video!

So help me get a consensus, loyal readers. Would anyone be at all displeased if the Hummer brand no longer called the United States automakers ‘daddy’? Is it the downfall of another pure-bred American brand? The comments section beckons.

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Mini-Hummer photo