The Tsovet SVT-GR44 looks like it’s made for action. That’s because it is. With a stainless steel case, gunmetal finish and thick leather band, it’s a practical, hardy instrument that blends functionality with understated style. Back that with Tsovet’s Swiss-made components and you’ve got  a fine timepiece that’ll stand the test of everyday wear.

The industrial look of the the SVT-GR4 is characteristic of most of Tsovet’s watches, but it’s particularly pronounced in this piece, which was manufactured to commemorate the 145 wins recorded by auto sport organization Chip Ganassi Racing from 1994 to 2011. Red accents lend it a bold facade worthy of its racing namesake.

The SVT-GR4 is one of Tsovet’s limited runs, with only 51 pieces having been produced and a price tag rumored to top three grand. To reserve one before they go on sale in May—and see all the brand’s other sharp-dressed watches—visit Like, right now.