It’s funny to see all the sites that have a Wallstrip Widget have a girl with huge boobs on the front of their site. It gives it a very “Wallstreetfighter” feel.

Note to self. Sleep is good. Doing sprint workouts at 5:30 on a slippery track at -5 degrees not so good.

How stupid are people. It has been a lifetime joke about the dangers of the easy bake oven. Either through digesting some of the world’s worst light bulb baked cakes or the fact that every time you reach in to get one you burn your hand on that same bulb. I see they recalled the thing. Looks like I won’t be having dessert tonight.

ISE announced earnings this morning and they were great (I expect ICE to be as well). If you listen to the conference call, you understand why this company/exchange has a great future. These guys are as good as it gets. They know how to manage a company and understand completely what they are trying to do. This is why I love buy and hold much more than daytrading. I would much rather hear a good conference call that find a good chart. Nothings against daytraders, to each his own.

I have a talk tonight to a garden club. Nothing better than giving a home run speech on New Perennials of 2007 to 25 senior citizens. I HAVE ARRIVED