Today would have been Tupac Shakur’s 45th birthday. In honor of the iconic rapper, the city of Oakland, California, has declared June 16th “Tupac Shakur Day.” Although born in Harlem, New York, Shakur eventually settled down in Oakland and even claimed he got his ‘game’ from Oakland. Shakur joins a healthy list of  famous musicians who have had days set aside for their honor. Here are just a few.

CobainKurt Cobain 
On his birthday, February 20, Aberdeen, Washington, pays tribute to Cobain—as does the city’s welcome sign, which reads “Come As You Are.”

beatlesThe Beatles
The band returned from their first trip to the U.S.—and a historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show—on July 10, 1964. Fans in Liverpool dedicated that date as “Beatles Day.”

Elvis Presley
The King’s birthday, January 8, is known as Elvis Presley Day in Memphis, Tennessee. His mansion, Graceland, hosts a multi-day affair packed with events such as gospel music, a trivia tour and cake!

After he returned to his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a trio of concerts in 2007, July 7 became known as “Prince Day”. This was almost 23 years after Purple Rain debuted in theaters.

BobBob Marley
His birthdday, February 6, is known as “Bob Marley Day” in the city of Toronto, Canada. The city honors his impact as “an influential musician, advocate for human rights, and international ambassador of peace.”

Jimi Hendrix
The city of San Francisco recognizes September 13 as “Jimi Hendrix Day,” honoring the half-dozen shows the Seattle native played at the Winter Ballroom.

Adam Yauch
Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch had May 3 dedicated in his honor in Gowanus, Brooklyn, shortly after he passed away from cancer in 2012.

freddieFreddie Mercury
Known as “Freddie For A Day,” September 5 marks the start of an annual AIDS fundraising event, dedicated to the memory of Queen’s legendary singer.

A whole 3-day span is dedicated to ABBA: March 28-30 is known as International ABBA Day in the Dutch city of Roosendaal. The festivities kick off with a public meetup, followed by record and memorabilia fair.