Do you have an odd item in your place that is just collecting dust? Something you found at a yard sale or a perhaps a storied family heirloom? You keep thinking that one day you’ll do something cool with it, but you just don’t know what?

Good news: Your frustration just might be over, as together with creative craftsman Igor Vichikov, we’re turning your trash into treasure! Vichikov, the genius behind YouTube’s popular Inspire To Make channel, has made a name for himself transforming hex nuts into bracelets, bullet shells into headphones and, yes, chocolate into a gun. The dude has an impressive track record—see his sizzle reel below—and he’s looking for a new transformation challenge!

Think you’ve got something good for him? Send a pic to us at—along with 200 words or less on how you acquired the object and why you are holding onto it—and we’ll pass the best candidates on to Igor. Just make sure the object itself is small enough to fit in a shoebox. And please, no liquids, bones, dangerous items or anything that cannot be shipped to Canada and back. Deadline for the first round of candidates is next Friday, November 27th, so what are you waiting for? Send us something today!