Listening to vinyl has made a serious comeback in recent years, as people rediscover the authentic sounds of old school records and the satisfaction that comes with doing more than just pushing the play button on your phone. And all that rediscovering has also led to some fine advancements in modern turntable technology. For instance: Records can now levitate.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Thanks to the new MAG-LEV Audio, the principles of gravity no longer apply to your record collection, making this device an equally essential/unnecessary addition to your audio arsenal. They’re raising funds on Kickstarter and doing quite well in the process. So you can reserve yours now (it starts at $780), and, once fully funded, it’ll begin shipping out in spring.

The whole levitation thing is thanks to magnets and sensor-regulating software. The magnetic levitation raises the record platter off the base, and the regulators keep everything smooth and controlled, so nothing is disrupted. That ensures you can listen to your floating record without any interference-causing bobbing or tilting.

If you’re somehow not sold yet, the actual player has a few tricks up its sleeve besides just levitation. For starters, it’s got retractable feet that hold the platter in place when the turntable is off and retract into the base when it’s on. Then there’s the ability to switch between 33 1/3-rpm and 45-rpm records with just the push of a button. And let’s not discount the glowing orange lighting in the base that keeps things illuminated in the dark.

Levitating records, retractable feet, orange lights…

What a crazy time to be alive.