Sick of all the baseball caps with baseball team logos on them? Old news, right? How about a cap that supports a different kind of team, namely “the world’s most fearsome fighting” one: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Now, some may suggest you purchase these caps as the perfect gift for a young child; we disagree in that we think they are the perfect gift for an old child, namely yourself. TMNT was our generation’s thing, anyway. All these six year-olds fronting like they‘ve been fighting the Foot Clan for years. Let’s take back what’s ours! We can start with these hats. Choose your favorite turtle (you know what color represents who, right?) and support who you think is best (we imagine there will be plenty of purple Donatello ones in stock). But you can also order all four. Who knows, one day you might be in a “cool but rude” mood, and the next you may be feeling more of a “party dude” persona. Even cooler, beneath the cap is a felt turtle shell to add to the effect. Put on your cap, order up some cheese pizza, and throw on “Secret of the Ooze” and you’re in Turtle heaven. Each cap is $24.00 and can be purchased here.