The TV Easel takes traditional entertainment stands, scoffs at them, and then goes and has an affair with their girlfriends under the guise of artistic inspioration. What were they supposed to do? She is their muse.

The TV Easel is like a normal easel for paintings, but instead of learning to paint, buying paint, going to art school, dropping out of art school, and then actually painting, you can just turn on your TV and put on a screensaver that looks pretty. Bam. Instant wall art.

It’s going to cost you a pretty penny at $995, but can you really put a price on art (protip: yes)? It’s crafted from hand-finished solid hardwood and has small wheels at the base so you can move it to wherever its best suited. It will hold flat panel televisions up to 60” and is height-adjustable but does not tilt to change viewing angle. [Buy it]