Fall is probably the most exciting time for TV programming. There are lots of new shows to be watched and complain about. But, one of the best things about these fall debuts is getting to see the new crop of beautiful ladies being paraded across our TV screens. Here’s a cheat sheet of girls to help you get familiar with all the fresh, new faces.

Shenae Grimes

Show: 90210
There’s probably a big difference between playing a Canadian high school student on Degrassi: The Next Generation (it’s like Canadian Saved by the Bell) and playing a high school student on 90210. The main difference for us is that we can now watch her and talk about how hot she is without feeling like creepy old men. That doesn’t mean we aren’t creepy old men, but it’s a mindset thing. I wonder if she’s related to belated Simpsons character, Frank Grimes. Probably not.

Jessica Lowndes

Show: 90210
If you aren’t a big fan of Greek or Kyle XY–and unless you’re a 14-year-old girl, you shouldn’t be–you may not be terribly  familiar with Jessica’s work. The vote is still out on her character in the new 90210, but we still hope that on-set tensions run high enough to inspire an all-out cat fight between Ms. Lowndes and her would-be predecessor Shannen Doherty.

Rutina Wesley

Show: True Blood
I’ve been very pleased and excited by the debut of True Blood so far. Not so excited that I’m going to put on a vampire outfit like those weird fat people who always hang around the Hot Topic at the mall, but still pretty excited. The one-two punch of Rutina and star Anna Paquin (as well as the hilarious comic relief from strange stereotype of Lafayette) perfectly complement each other in the midst of all that "out-of-the-coffin" posturing by the lead vampires.

Anna Torv

Show: Fringe
She’s not exactly Victoria’s Secret model material, but if Fringe does end up becoming the next X-files you can expect Anna to become the obsession of basement-dwellers all over the world. I, personally, think she’s a little hotter than Gillian Anderson. There’s something really hot about a chick who spends her days hunting werewolves or aliens or whatever the hell it is Fringe is actually about.

Ashley Newbrough

Show: Privileged
Yet another Degrassi transplant, Ashley is part of a Privileged cast that is absolutely stacked with really attractive women. She has a really wholesome, girl-next-door kind of thing going on that makes me want to give the show a chance and then just pretend my girl made me watch it.

Molly Stanton

Show: Do Not Disturb
Any guy unlucky enough to be forced into watching the uncomfortable pregnant issues in Notes From the Underbelly saw Molly’s small part in that series as a wonderful oasis of hotness. She was also on a couple episodes of the hilariously terrible soap, Passions, so I apologize to you unemployed people out there who are getting ready to complain about having seen her before on TV.

Melissa Sagemiller

Show: Raising the Bar
I know, she was on Showtime’s Sleeper Cell, but I never watched that show (and I know a lot of you didn’t either), so she’s still pretty new and definitely hot. She’s the sole reason to tune into TNT’s new lawyer show starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar. I guess they finally ran out of old Law and Order reruns.

Erinn Hayes

Show: Worst Week
Early in her career, Erinn starred in some ill-fated Fox sitcoms–you all remember The Winner, right? But, Worst Week might be a good chance for Erinn to be on a show where she can really shine. But, even if this show doesn’t shine, we can count on Erinn to make even a Monday on anyone’s worst week look damn good .

Rachel Boston

Show: The Ex List
Rachel is on the verge of getting really famous. While her status as an incredibly hot red head isn’t the only reason for her burgeoning success, it sure as hell doesn’t hurt. She has been relatively quiet since her stint on American Dreams. Think of The Ex List as her new start. It can be a new start for us too, in that we’ll start gawking at her every week and completely ignoring the show itself.

Beth Riesgraf

Show: Leverage
Nice work, TNT. I didn’t think you’d manage to get two entries onto this list, but you sure did. Beth plays an acrobatic criminal who uses her gymnastics skills and flexibility to pull off daring bank heists. I think I just described my dream woman. Add, "knows how to fix a ’78 Camaro" to that list and I’ll be convinced they pulled the idea for her character directly out of my dreams. Sadly, she’s hooked up with Jason Lee. Lucky bastard.