There’s plenty of useful things you can do on Twitter. You can post pictures of your hot wife, you can keep up with your favorite comedian, you can market yourself relentlessly, but you just can’t get in 9 holes. Or, you couldn’t until now. 

Twirdie is the first Twitter-based golf game in the entire universe, and it’s actually incredibly addictive. It’s a golf game that measures the Tweets from just the last twenty seconds for whatever word you choose. Then, based on the frequency of that word, it creates a shot of varying strength for you. Confused? It is a bit. But, to be honest, the designers (students at Parson’s school of design), but it best: …” the game begs you to consider creative words that are based on time of day, trends, or even local events. At 12 noon, "lunch" might be a popular mid-swing, but at late night "taco" is a dependable putter.” It’s completely free, so head over to and tee up.