Three things on a guy’s mind this time of year are how much gas per square foot his lawn mower gets, what is the least congested route to the beach and what types of beer are best for for summer relaxation? OK, there might be other questions on guys’ minds right now but those are sure to be high on the list. Or at least they should be. Depending on your location, gas prices will vary,  and you’re a fool if you haven’t already mapped out 12 different routes to the beach, but there is no doubting which types of beer will rock this summer.

Sam Adams Summer Ale

Types Of Beer For Summer
This is a good solid summer brew because of the distinct citrusy undertones it carries in every swallow. The secret is an ancient brewing ingredient called “grains of paradise.”  It’s a light, refreshing concoction that makes it perfect for an outdoor patio meal at home or a restaurant while you’re smashing crab legs.

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Take a traditional Berliner Weisse beer and throw in some peach flavoring and you have got yourself a pint of heaven, friends. The Berliners were traditionally cut with fruit syrup to even out the odd bite that it brought and Dogfish Head has a winner here with its peach inclusion.

Blue Moon with a slice of orange

This is the ultimate barbecue beer.  While others are pulling the “suds of duds” out of coolers by the handful you can class the joint up with this tasty and ultimately refreshing witbier. The price and taste is right for casual drinking.  And yes, you have to have the orange.  No, it doesn’t make you look prissy.

Narragansett Summer Ale

A great blonde ale with the summer quality that makes it slightly thinner than most ales. It is the ultimate work-around-the-yard beer. The freshness stays even after a little while in the sun as it sweats on a table or chair while you push a mower or change the spark plugs on your car. Remember, it’s always nice to get your hands on a thin, sweaty blonde.

Sam Adams Coastal Wheat

It’s an American hefeweizen and as summer beers go it has to make the list.  The Boston Beer Company has added some Lisbon lemons to really give it that summertime kick. Some people like to drink this with a salad, but keep this one for a Styrofoam cooler and a parade.