By: Matty Sumida

We see you have constructed a new lightsaber, President Obama. Your skills are complete. Indeed you are as powerful as the Emperor has foreseen.

Danger Room is reporting that the Pentagon has completed “ongoing testing and field evaluation studies” for a real life lightsaber similar to those wielded by young Skywalker himself.  No word on whether or not they’ve developed an actual force push technique. 

Referred to as the plasma knife, this beam of blade of glowing, ionized gas (not the plasma like this) will cut through flesh in much the same way that is depicted in the "Star Wars" series of films. However, even though it could be used as a weapon, the intent of the plasma knife is more precise. Surgical you might say.

A primary cause of injury and death for the modern soldier is excessive bleeding due to their inability to receive prompt, adequate medical care. This is especially true when it comes to staunching the excessive blood flow that results from bullet and shrapnel wounds. The plasma knife is able to stop blood flow surgically in much the same way as an electrocauterization tool does, with the advantage of sterility and portability. Also, it’s a motherflipping light saber. No word on when this technology will be deployed to our Jedis in the field: 

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