Summertime is vacation time. And if you think Vegas is for carousing and partying, you’re only half right. There are plenty of other fun activities that make the place special. From minor league baseball to natural wonders, here’s your guide to getting the most out of Vegas this summer.

Las Vegas 51s
Vegas famously has no major league sports teams, but they do have a first-place Pacific Coast League outfit, the 51s (named for the Area, natch). The Mets’ Triple-A affiliate boasts one of the best mascots in the game, Cosmo.

Valley of Fire State Park
Point number one: It’s called “Valley of Fire.” Point number two: Look at that picture. Point number three: See points one and two.

Red Rock Canyon
Go for a bike ride and see the best of what Nevada has to offer at Red Rock Canyon, just a stone’s throw from Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis
Do your day drinking like a Greek god at Caesars. Lounge around in the water surrounded by an ode to the Golden Age of Dionysus in one of the city’s top-rated pool bars.

Mandalay Bay Daylight Beach Club
Or if you’re looking for some casino action while you wile away the daytime hours, check out the Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. Some of the world’s top DJs, including Skrillex and Axwell, have performed here.

Shadow Creek Golf Course
If you’re looking for a really great gift for Dad, take him along with you to Vegas and hit up Shadow Creek Golf Course. It’s worth every penny of the $500/round thanks to breathtaking views.

Bear’s Best Las Vegas
For a more wallet-friendly rate you can play one of two golf courses owned by Jack Nicklaus in the Vegas area. Bear’s Best is the only one open to non-members, for a green fee of $125.

Dive-In Movies at the Cosmopolitan
Or maybe you’d rather watch a film while you laze by the pool. That’s cool. Cosmopolitan has you covered, with nostalgic weekly double features. They’re great for a date when you’re looking to take it easy.