The thing about king-sized beds is that, if you’re into dating Olympic volleyball players and acrobatic sex, they can still be just a little bit cramped. Or, let’s say you like to toss and turn when you sleep, but you don’t want to disturb your partner? And let’s say that they’re a hyper-sensitive paranoia-stricken light sleeper and you’ve got wrestles everything syndrome (W.E.S.). UltraKing beds probably still have you covered.

They have custom sized beds in UltraKing, Super UltraKing, and Extreme UltraKing, the last of which sounding like some kind of Mountain Dew Monarch. The sizes are offered below in this helpful, enticing graphic.

They’re not cheap. The Extreme UltraKing 5-inch, their flagship mattress, costs $26,310.00 (plus tax), but it comes with a steel frame, pillowtop and box spring! Some would call it a luxury expense, but shoot, you’re practically making money.

They also offer a variety of custom linens and furniture because, because, let’s be honest, where the hell else are you going to get anything to fit these mattresses? They can build you anything you want, but offer a few models that have been popular in the past. They range from the gaudy to the austere, and our favorite is probably the Meridian, pictured here.

And, for the truly too-rich-and-busy-to-bother, they have turnkey mattress solutions where you simply point, say, “I’ll take all of that,” and then it’s delivered to your house without another second of worry to you. Not bad. But, perhaps the most enticing thing about these high-end sleepers is their client list seen below:

NBA (National Basketball Association)
LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers
Greg Foster – Toronto Raptors
Chris Wilcox – Detriot Pistons
Karl Malone – Retired, Utah Jazz
Phil Maloof – Sacramento Kings owner
Elton Brand – Philadelphia 76ers
Ben Wallace – Cleveland Cavaliers
Kwame Brown – Detriot Pistons
Devean George – Dallas Mavericks
Steven Hunter – Denver Nuggets
Ricky Davis – Miami Heat
Steven Smith – Retired, Miami Heat
Bonzi Wells – New Orleans Hornets
Mark Blount – Miami Heat
Zaza Pachulia – Atlanta Hawks
Kenyon Martin – Denver Nuggets

NFL (National Football League)
Levi Brown – Arizona Cardinals
Derrick Deese – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kyle Canden Bosch – Tennessee Titans
Plaxico Burress – New York Giants
Damien Woody – New York Jets
Fred Taylor – Jacksonville Jaguars
Christopher Hovan – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bryant Johnson – Detriot Lions

MLB (Major League Baseball)
Josh Beckett – Boston Red Sox
LaTroy Hawkins – Houston Astros
Frank Thomas – Toronto Blue Jays
Paul Konerko – Chicago White Sox
Jorge Posada – New York Yankees
Jonathan Papelbon – Boston Red Sox

NHL (National Hockey League)
Ilya Kovalchuk, Atlanta Thrashers

USTA (United States Tennis Association)
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

Kevin Harvick

Robin Leach – “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”
Penny Marshall – Director and Actress
Guy Laliberté – Founder of Cirque du Soleil
Gunnar Peterson – Celebrity Trainer
Hulk Hogan – WWE

Hotels and Hoteliers
The Mirage – Las Vegas
Bellagio Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
Phil Maloof – The Palms Casino Resort, Owner
Adrian Nassif – The Palms Casino Resort, Owner
Bobby Baldwin, MGM Mirage, President
City Center, Aria Tower (56th and 57th Floor)