Pinel & Pinel is a luxury company best known for their high-quality leather goods, but their latest offering is distinctly less organice in theme and aesthetic.  These Arcade 80s Trunks are sleek and hard – designs reminscent of the decade for which they are named.  But they’re not just pretty faces.  Each luxury trunk comes loaded with 60, classic arcade titles from the 80s.

If an arcade cabinet seems to playful and impractical, though, you may still want to consider these units.  Housed in the walls of them are 2 x 400W stereo channels and a 1000 W subwoofer. Running through these is also a front-mounted iPod docking station making the Arcade 80s trunk one of the more powerful iPod docks on the market.

The cabinets are machined from solid aluminum and come in two trims: Classic and GT (GT is the one with the racing stripes), and they cost $14,565 and $17,000 respectively.