Uneek is Keen’s newest addition to their versatile footwear range and we are not exaggerating when we say these shoes are seriously comfortable. Like, forget the Roshe Runs comfortable. You could easily stroll the city streets in these all day—or really test them out on a trail hike. They can handle both. That’s the beauty of the innovative design.


Keen’s standard rugged outdoor sandal is an old favorite, but the new Uneek sandal is extremely lightweight in comparison. The sturdy, slip-proof rubber sole is accompanied by woven elasticized cord, akin to intricate macramé weaving. This type of design makes for a perfect, one-of-a-kind fit that you simply don’t get with the rigidity of traditional outdoor footwear. The simplicity of the upper also makes for a super-quick drying time if you happen to encounter a puddle or two. The same goes for cleaning up, a simple hose-down will do the trick.


The lightweight, open design feels good. It lets the fresh air in. You can feel the stream water on your skin. It lets you get a little closer to nature on your outdoor adventures—but still provides the protection and support you need.  And looks? They may not be for everyone, but they certainly make a statement. Now available in a wide assortment of different color combinations—from minimal neutrals to bold brights—there is a pair to suit any taste. $100, keenfootwear.com.