It was a tough decision, but we’ve picked the winner of the hot sauce giveaway. Contestants were asked to submit the craziest hot sauce name they’d come across; the crazier the better. Submissions ranged from the topically satirical "Saddam How Hot is it Now" to the less-than-subtle "Colon Cleaner." After much deliberation, we picked one that was straight to the point and just weird enough: "Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally: Green Jalapeno Sauce." Congratulations to Michael O’Reilly for his winning entry. We’re sure you’ll do the ghost pepper proud.


If you’re not familiar with the brilliant line of hot sauces manufactured by Dave’s Gourmet, you’re seriously missing out. The company makes some of the tastiest hot sauces out there, including the infamous Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Sauce, made from the disarmingly inconspicuous ghost pepper. We’re giving away a bottle of the stuff this week. Here’s how to win:

There are a lot of crazy hot sauces out there. Even crazier, however, are the names attributed to these spicy condiments. To participate, tell us the weirdest, wackiest, or most alarming hot sauce name you’ve come across. Whoever submits the most unusual name wins a bottle of Dave’s Ghost Pepper Sauce. Post your submission (one per person) in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page. Submissions are due by 12 pm EST on March 25. We’ll announce the winner later that afternoon.