Here is my post from around Christmas. Just check how its doing. Not at 250K but getting closer every day. How is this 100 grand investment doing against your trades?

OK nothing is guaranteed. Options are a highly risky investment but they also can be very profitable. Another positive is you can’t lose any more than you put in and you can get a lot more leverage than you can with stock. Here are $100,000 worth of options that if purchased should reward you with $250,000 in profit. You certainly could go deeper “in the money” and decrease some of the risks. It is important to only keep a certain percentage of your portfolio in such risky investments but if you truly believe in a stock the returns can be unbelievable. I personally have made this investment and will leave this in all year. Here are the options, quantities, and cost.

30 Jan 70 2007 Calls of Celgene ( CELG) at $10.50 for a total of $31,500
20 Jan 70 2007 Calls of Apple (AAPL) at $14.90 for a total of $29,800
10 Jan 120 2007 Calls of Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) at $26.80 for a total of $26,800
24 Jan 25 2007 Calls of Optionsxpress (OXPS) at $4.80 for a total at $11,520

Total Investment $99,620

Here’s why I like each one.

Celgene: Already a profitable Biotech and just received approval for the drug (Revlimid) they have been waiting for for 10 years. It is a billion dollar drug and analyst are way underestimating the revenue this will bring in. Pipeline as deep as any in the business and Revlimid will prove useful in the fight of many other cancers.

Apple: Everyone knows Apple but what they are underestimating are the huge, and I mean huge sales of Laptops that will be taking place in the latter part of 2006. I and many others have been waiting for a new laptop to come out. The G5 proved “too hot” to put into a laptop but intel will have no problem. Slowing ipod sales huge increase in computrers.

Intuitive Surgical: The future of medical procedures are staring you right in the face and
Most people aren’t even in the company that’s doing it. Their machines cut surgery time down, are more accurate, and leave the tiniest of scars. Every hospital in the nation will have at least one of these eventually. Make money on service as well. Stock was up big in 2005 but much more room to grow.

OptionsXpress: I have been long on this for a few months and think 2006 is going to be great. The company is growing at a 25% rate and there is still room to grow. Options are the future. Futures are the future and OXPS is the best out there. They also may get bought out and I think someone will pay $35 or more. They are expanding overseas as well where they tend to trade a bit more risky. This is what I use and know this company is as good a broker as you can find.

Enjoy these. I will report the results at the end of each month. I have this exact trade already in and so I am putting my money where my mouth is. Enjoy and this is just my gift for those that were the initial readers of Wallstreetfighter.

My Commodity trades coming up Later.