It’s funny how things happen. I’ve always been pretty good at picking things that will become popular. I can see talent in people or the “stickyness” in things and tell you if the will become successful. I’m not saying I particularly like all of these things but I have this gift of predicting popular culture. I do not necessarily have this same gift for picking stocks. I do a great job picking the products that will become successful but I usually am not patient enough to stick with the company as that product hits mainstream. It usually takes a while to reach the tipping point. This brings me to my story.

My 7 year old daughter was playing Sims 2 a few weeks ago and I kept hearing this song playing in the background. Of course the song is in “Simirish” not in real language but the song was great. Even my daughter kept playing it over and over on the game. Not knowing much about video game albums I figured a company like EA probably put a CD out of Sims songs or something about them online. It turns out the band is called Paramore and they recorded their song “Pressure” just for the Sim 2 game. They are very young. Haley, the lead singer is 17, the drummer is 16 and the guitar player is 18. The song became a semi hit but I think the band has a bright future. They are showing signs of popularity with the kids (plenty of vids on Youtube) now after playing on some popular summer tours , but 2007 will be their year. They are recording a new album as we speak and I am predicting it will be a huge hit. Their lead singer is cute with a cute voice. Officially classified as punk, their style is what is hot today. I don’t have the money to start a record label but if I did, this would be one of my first signings. Here is the video from Pressure.