Yesterday: No Purchases. Busy at work and nothing really set up for me. By the time I got a chance to do a little stock gazing, the market was closed. Probably going to buy a little bit of AAPL out of the money calls before Exp. Not much. Trying to wait until after expiration so the gambling bug in me won’t come out.

I have decided to start a new daily section that will actually deal with the stock market. I have taken $1000 that I have made from this site and opened a special options trading account. I will post my daily trades in this section and every move I make. I probably will not make daily trades but I do like to get in and out. In order to build up some cash I will need to put all the money into one option in the beginning. This could make or break the portfolio quickly. I did the same thing in 2005 and took 2K and turned it into 250,000 that year but didn’t have a blog at the time (how convenient you might say). Tomorrow will be the first day trading and my short list going into the day is ISRG, CELG, OXPS, and a few other stocks with earnings coming up (I like to get free vol on the days leading up to earnings and then sell right before the earnings come out). No matter what happens, this should be fun.

Update: First trade most likely to be a put today