Didn’t quite make the whole run. I had to stop at 21. I was tired it started to rain and I said forget it. I had nothing to prove because it was 7 four mile trails and the goal was to see how many you can do. My calves started to cramp and I figured even though I could do it, I was going to kill myself and ruin my trip to Florida. Ever curious how many calories you burn in 21 miles? I wear a Garmin (Garmen) Forerunner and it said 3,418 calories burned. I had my first McDonalds burger of the year. I figured I earned it.

I love trading, plants, and running. During the winter I trade. During the nice weather I live and breathe plants, and the whole time I run. It is what make me whole. It keeps my mind fresh, lets me have some peace and quiet, and keeps me healthy. Today I am going to take it to the extreme. I ran 2 marathons this year Chicago and Grandmas but those are only 26.2 miles. This is 28 miles of trail running. I will run most and walk the rest. Why? To see if I can. The only thing worse than a trader that loses money is a fat trader that loses money. I don’t plan on being either.