Many websites use for the free hosting of video. The reason is they don’t monitor their site whatsoever. Right now you can see nudity and the Lazy Sunday video if you want. I have no idea how they are going to moderate it unless they have some sort of delay. If they want to keep it live it will be impossible to keept unwanted material off of it. If it does go to a delay then they will lose the uploads. I think they’ll go with the live and face the consequences. The consequences will most likely be lawsuits which are undoubtedly around the corner.

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – NBC Universal is leaning on popular Web sites engaged in video sharing to remove hundreds of copyrighted video clips derived from its TV networks.

A spokeswoman for the conglomerate confirmed that video-laden sites like are complying with warnings issued this month by its legal department forbidding transmission of the clips, including the popular “Lazy Sunday” skit from NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” that became a hit on the Internet.

“We have been making numerous take-down requests,” an NBC Uni spokeswoman said. “This is an ongoing process. We are pleased to see these sites have been cooperating and trying to develop practices and procedures.”

A spokeswoman for confirmed that the site is complying with NBC Uni’s request. The Web site on Friday posted its intention to remove “Sunday” on a blog directed at its users.

The content of the clips ranged from “SNL” skits to entire episodes of series including “Surface” and “Will & Grace,” NBC Uni said. Footage of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics also was removed from