In my experience, bad fashion moves from the ground up. And when it comes to summer, that means questionable choices concerning beach shoes and sandals. Here are the worst examples I see when working to improve the style of male clients—and specific items you can replace them with to get bikini-wearing beauties to give you a second look. Brand loyal? Relax. I found some options from the same manufacturers.


Bad: After-sport sandals
I know you love these babies. They remind you of when you were younger playing sports and hanging out after the game. But you are older now and need an actual sandal. I get it, you hate flip-flops, but flip-flops have come a long way since you tried a pair on eight years ago.


Replace with: Helly Hansen Breeze Textile
Flip-flops are your simplest bet to getting a summer sandal right. It is hard to mess up a flip-flop. Go for the flip-flop that is not too bulky, or think chunky leather with thick white stitching.

Nike Gato
These were the closest sandals I could find to the original sports sandal. I like that even though it is clearly a sandal it almost looks like a shoe. A much hipper version than the original.



Bad: Man clogs
Crocs: everyone in your family has a pair and you and your son get to match. News flash: your shoes are really ugly, and Crocs now makes fashionable ones. You might not match your kids, but really it’s OK. That said, if you are a red-haired, rotund superstar Italian chef, you have my permission to wear these ugly shoes. 

Replace with: OluKai Kono
These have the slip-on comfort you crave, yet are natural and stylish and channel your inner Don Ho.

Crocs Walu
Who knew crocs made decent shoes these days? These styles aren’t really shown in stores so get online and order yourself a pair.



Bad: “Active sandals
These sandals scream, “I have no fashion sense whatsoever nor do I care what the world thinks of me. I am a dad with two to four kids, or I am single and travel a lot.” There are other options that are just as comfortable and functional.


Replace with: Teva Mush Frio Slip Canvas
Think the same comfort but a different, better face. Think outside slippers. Think about the fact that you can still scrabble over rocks in these Made Man favorites.

Merrell Cambrian Stretch
For the guy who is extremely active outside and needs a summer sandal that he can hike in. This is your shoe.