Are we in for some serious Breaking Bad cameos? Some of the under-appreciated joys of a Breaking Bad binge are the cold open WTF vignettes—whether it’s a full-length narco-corrido sung in Spanish about Heisenberg or a pretty basic ad on cable for narco kingpin Gus Fring’s fast food front, Los Pollos Hermanos.

Yesterday an unverified YouTube user, Los Pollos Hermanos, uploaded an unlisted video that appears to be a new ad for Gus Fring’s fast casual chicken restaurant. Reddit users have speculated that this is all just a sneaky viral teaser to show that Gus Fring will return in Season 3. It could just as easily be an outtake that never made it to the Breaking Bad DVDs—streaming services rarely have special features.

But the Season 2 writers for Saul already underestimated that their viewers would figure out that the episode titles spell out “FRING IS BACK.” Mr. White always told his students that “chemistry is the study of change.” So, it looks like we have some big changes coming up in Season 3.

The tagline for the 30-second spot, which had all of 3,000 views as of writing, is “Los Pollos Hermanos: Taste the family!” Because, after all, aren’t Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul all about family?

Man I want some chicken now.