When so many gadgets are going keyboardless, it’s nice to have an option that is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum.   The USBTypewriter adds the loudest, slowest, clunkiest keyboard possible to your sleek, digital device

But at least there’s no question about where the too-small keys are tactically (Droid), or whether you’re touching keys at all (iPhone). Typing is like a woman: you wanna have some weight to it. There’s definitely something appealing about the heavy thwack of an old-skool manual typewriter especially when you combine it with the sleek aesthetic of an iPad. 

There are two ways you can get yourself a USBTypewriter, the first is to buy one of Etsy, and the second is to buy the kit off Etsy and make your own. Unfortunately, a finished USBTypewriter is going to run you around $400 to $500. The kit is only $75, but you have to provide your own typewriter, and the work is particularly delicate. Unless you’re quite techy and crafty, it’s probably worth the extra dough to just buy one outright.