A good fire pit can really transform a backyard. For starters, it’s a nice conversation piece. You can also stand around it when it’s cold, which expands your party-throwing real estate. And lastly, sometimes you just want to stab a marshmallow with a stick and roast some s’mores.

Then again, sometimes you want all that, plus the option to smoke a brisket.

For those times, you need something better than your average fire pit. The Blaze Fire Tower ($500) comes to mind. It’s a multi-tiered outdoor centerpiece that’s turning good ol’ American steel into an open hearth fire/smoker/grill, and that makes it a pretty important addition to your living quarters.

It arrives in five parts, so even though it’s a sturdy 200 pounds once complete, you can easily piece the thing together yourself. And from there, you’ve got add-ons, like a 24-inch stand in the event you want to keep the ground clear, and a cooking accessory kit.

That last one is a handy ensemble that includes a charcoal basket, a grilling rack and an adjustable hanging rack for smoking meat, plus vent louvers for adjusting air flow and a couple of removable doors to lock in the heat. So you can fire this thing up and then proceed to smoke a brisket or roast a whole chicken—two things that make outdoor cookouts a lot more fun.

Prepare to finally meet your neighbors.