Your new laptop is kind of cool.  But look at that chintzy plastic cover.  Wouldn’t you rather be luxuriating in the feather-light feeling of a carbon fiber-encased notebook?  Don’t you feel a little ridiculous without a pink, crocodile skin computing device?  Well, lucky for you Sony has launched a brand new, gaudy, grandiose, and at times gorgeous line of luxury laptops called the Vaio Signature Series. 

Choose from any of 9 different trims of laptop.  Most are in the fullsize range, but don’t worry, there’s a glossy black nod to the Vaio P-Series not-a-netbook line of netbooks as well.  

Believe it or not, the croc skin notebooks are the cheapest weighing in at a scant $780 dollars.  But if you’re looking to truly display your wealth, there are more expensive units for upwards of $200.  All trims, though, are in limited numbers (only a few 100 apiece), so act now or forever have an unimpressive lap.  [Buy it]