(via Vanity Fair’s November Issue, Who Is Wall Street’s Queen B.?)

Lying around your bathroom floor you may not have as many scattered issues of Vanity Fair as you do … Maxim, Juggs, The Economist, Car And Driver, Brass Knuckle Enthusiast Monthly, or Stuff (RIP), but let’s give the classy fashion mag some credit for a solid piece on the ultimate biz babe dilemma.

Judging from the accompanying photos above, I’m pretty impressed with the Maria Bartiromo shoot (left). I think she looks great strutting her stuff in white with all those secret service type guys hanging around outside a bank vault. On the other hand, what’s up with Erin Burnett (right)? She looks like a boring zombie. Is there a word that describes ‘beyond pale’?

Back in the day when we discussed the Erin vs. Maria debate, judging from your comments, it seems like Erin had a clear lead. It could be an age thing, Maria tackling 41 while sprite young Erin hits her 32nd year, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. Maybe Maria just cares more about looking good in glamorous photo shoots, while Erin is getting worked to the bone on CNBC hour after hour.

Maria took on Sarah Palin recently too and had some decent voter turnout in favor of her over the VPILF queen. And despite waning support for her politically, taking on the hotness of Palin is a tough battle.

Just a few first thoughts on the visual aspect of the piece, stay tuned for further analysis of the actual verbiage and text of the VF article.