Cycling on heavily traveled roads can be dangerous… but Garmin’s new Varia Vision might change the game for cyclists.

Primed to turn heads at CES, The Varia Vision is an augmented reality display that clips onto either side of your sunglasses to tell you how you’re doing and alert you about traffic, turn-by-turn directions and push notifications from your phone. It’s a step up from the many computing devices that cyclists already keep on their handlebars. Instead of glancing down at your device and off the road, Varia Vision positions your data right at the edge of your line of sight. It also offers a rearview radar to let you know when cars are approaching from behind. Complete with a waterproof and glove-friendly touch-sensitive strip for navigating, the interface can light up and vibrate for alerts.

At $400, this is a device for avid cyclers… or those looking to turn their Oakleys into Google Glass.