The old saying “Vegas wasn’t built on winners” couldn’t be any more true. Here are 7 things I find most interesting about Vegas

1. They make you forget the value of a dollar. It’s amazing, you will avoid a restaurant because the meal cost $30 but will have no problem throwing 50 down on a table or in a slot and lose it in 10 minutes.

2. The more crowded the table the more they raise the limits. Supply and demand in action. If the table are full they don’t open up more tables, they just raise the limits on the table.

3. The girls dress so skanky now that you can’t tell the hookers from the vacationers. Not that I was looking but I have no idea who the hookers are any more. 10 years ago you just looked for a lady with fake boobs and long hair. Now that’s 20 % of the girls

4. The slot machine turn a lot faster. No more levers or coins dropping. Buttons and tickets. They can make you churn through the money twice as fast now.

5. Mixed drinks have 10% of the normal volume of alchohol. I usually can drink 3 or 4 mixed drinks but in Vegas 10-12 no problem. Barely drunk

6. The new hotels like Planet Hollywood look exactly like the science fiction movie of the 90’s said the future would look like. Plasma screens everywhere and voices all around you telling you what to do and where to go.

7. You will lose money and somehow we come out of Vegas thinking that it’s OK. A vacation to lose money is fun? There’s just enough chance to win that keeps us giving up more money.